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MUST READ: The Real Reason why there’s racism against Africans

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The issue has never been about skin colour…Let’s face it…it all about Money…it has always been.

According to Jesus in the Bible, two primary forces drives and controls every man <God> or < Mammon…which is money and its associations such as fame, power etc.>

Unfortunately, most are not even aware of what truly drives them...while prefer to deceive themselves. Nevertheless, for the gross majority of mankind, it is Money that drives them!

For centuries now, the black race has been the ethnic group most associated with poverty, disease, and an inability to support itself without external help! That’s why they look down on you.

Well yeah…Some well off and educated blacks suffer racism because of the phenomenon we call 'association'.

You see, people always tend to generalize or classify in order to make general life assessments and judgments of others easier. And since the terms such as ‘black people, and ‘Africa’ has become the most associated groups at the receiving end…Hence, racists associations follow people with similar skin colour. So the reason you're being discriminated against is way beyond your skin colour…Trust me!

So yeah, unfortunately, many distinguished persons of colour will have to suffer this phenomenon…but there is hope!

Imagine a world where African nations were the first world, most advanced and the wealthiest nations…and caucasians, asians and people other skin shades come to beg for aid and support from us…do you think there will be racism against blacks??? Think about it!

As an african you may be hated, considered less of, and despised…But remember can and will RISE!

Once we individually and collectively begin to strive to become the best we can be, to become sufficient and the wealthiest, the pacesetters for excellence and most productive ethnic group, we will see that the narrative and responses to our skin colour will shift to greatness!

Be proud in your own skin but be unsatisfied with how high you rise!

Keep Rising!