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[Sticky] Real Reasons Why You Don't Get Jobs??! Learn, Share & Discuss

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From Research & decade's of personal hiring experience here are more reasons why many job seekers fail to get any Job Interviews even after long toiling and consistent efforts:


  1. CV is Not 'ATS' Compliant:

Many CVs get skipped over because candidates apply in 'cloud format' or capture critical CV sections/information in formats that ATS cannot process. E.g. using ‘picture’ instead of texts or applying with a 'pix format document' etc.


  1. CV is a Non-Selling CV:

Dumping loads of irrelevant and un-captivating information on the CVs rather than Selling themselves to potential Employers and Recruiter. Think about it this way, your CV is your Personal Sales Pitch…and the Product you’re Selling is YOU!

Candidates must begin to see the job search game as such. Don't just Inform on it...Sell it <Yourself>!


  1. Your CV is poorly Presented:

the narratives aren't coherent, are unclear, and not concise. Take out unnecessary details which may vary per context. Remember, the more you speak, the less you're heard! Having an overly lengthy CV is mostly a disadvantage. A 2 – 4 paged CV is appropriate depending on your years/level of experience.


  1. CV appears too Generic (copy & paste):

Indeed, we must almost all begin with a template. However, significant time and sacrifice are required to transform it to become quintessentially OURS.

Since copy/paste CVs lack an authentic feel that causes many Recruiters to intuitively sense a 'laziness' that makes them unconsciously move on from it.


  1. Inconsistency in the CV - Inconsistencies in a CV scares recruiters away. As they say, Honesty is the best 'policy', so ensure you get yourself covered!


  1. Applying for Jobs they have no business Applying for:

It's erroneous to think job search is simply a trial and error affair. I often see fresh graduates apply for Managerial positions that require 10years and/or high-level competencies.

Be advised, Recruiters find this obnoxious and frustrating. This might dampen future opportunities as such a candidate's applications may not be taken seriously the next time.

To be continued...\\