Customer Service/Administrative Assistant

Posted 4 weeks ago

Job Description

Job Title: Customer Service/Administrative Assistant

Job Description
Convert potential customers by recommending goods or services and demonstrating how they benefit the customer personally.
Respond to customer inquiries about available products and services
Establish new customer accounts, recording account information on written forms or digitally.
Listen to customer concerns and complaints with the goal of identifying the causes of the problem.
Inventory management and stock taking.
Refer advanced cases to management for resolution, providing background information as necessary.
Maintain and regularly update financial account information using computer software programs.
Anticipate customer needs, follow up with previous customers to offer reorders or additional services
Increase product sales and market share.
Collaborating with different teams such as marketing, creative, legal, etc.
Develop strong customer relationships in order to generate a high volume of prospective clients.
Determine cross-selling opportunities among different products and services offered by the organization.
Maintain client relationship management database and utilize it to manage customer contacts and mailing lists.
Implementation of operational policies and procedures.
Actively involved in the day-to-day running of the store activities.
Maintain the approved look and feel of the store at all times.
Carry out daily administrative tasks.

Location: Victoria Island
Salary: NGN70,000
Interested people should send cv to [email protected]